Chart Of Accounts

Chart Of Accounts

Why Your Business Needs A Chart of Accounts

Keeping track of the money that moves in and out of your business can be challenging. That is why a chart of accounts is necessary. It will help you get insights into your cash flow. This will also show you the financial health of your business. Among all your financial tools, a chart of accounts is very important. In this article, we’ll tell you what it means and how it works. Keep reading! 

What Is A Chart of Accounts? 

This is a list of the accounts your business has. It gives you a view of the aspects of your business that makes money or costs you. Your business may handle different transactions every day. This can be invoices, sales, or loans. A Chart of Accounts will tell you which account to record each information in. It reveals the breakdown of all your financial transactions within a specific period. This makes it easy to locate each account, especially for third parties. 

How Does It Work? 

This chart shows your accounts in the order that they appear in your financial records. So, your assets, liabilities, and balance sheet accounts come up first. Your revenue and expenses or income statement accounts will come right after. Every account on the chart has its identification code, description, and name. This makes it easier for you to find any account you want. The bigger your business is, the more accounts it will have. So, a chart of accounts will help you keep things organized. 

Benefits of Using A Chart of Accounts 

If all your financial data are in one place, it’s easy to see how each relates to the other. This will help you to track your business performance. Now, let’s look at what you can gain from using a chart of accounts. 

#1. It Makes Filing Taxes Easy

An organized set of records makes tax season a walk in the park. The chart will track your income and expenditure. This is the information you will need to report on your income tax return. 

#2. It Helps You Spend Smarter 

The chart shows you everything you spend your money on. This includes overhead expenses like rent, internet, and other utilities. It also shows you other expenses and gives you an idea of your spending habits. This will help you cut down on things that are not important. 

#3. It Gives You An Idea of Your Earnings

With a chart of accounts, you get to see your business revenue. This shows you how much you earn and your prospects. It also shows you how much cash you have at your disposal to spend. Also, it takes into account your monthly expenses and how long your money will last for you. 


If you want to take your business to the next level, keep track of your earnings and spending. A Chart of Accounts will help you do this. This article is a guide to making this work for you. Following the steps above will help you scale your business.  Our quickbooks bookkeeping services has this included.


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